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 Injuries are the biggest, most unpredictable, and most expensive problem in organized sports. Injury to a player diminishes his/her playing speed, strength, agility, quickness, and all but neutralizes the skills that have been honed and perfected with years of practice. And it gets worse. Team sports magnify the effects of the injury, since other members of the team are also diminished by the injured player’s limitations. In football, defensive backs are stretched to the maximum to cover today’s receivers and running backs. The loss of a couple yards of coverage from an injured player’s weakness can quickly cost the team a play, a score, and the game. And it still gets worse…
The center fielder on a baseball team whose range is limited by back or leg pain can cause the other fielders to try and make up for the loss, causing injury to them. In this sense, injured players beget injured players.

We have developed an injury treatment protocol that  uses meticulous, precise placement and alignment of injured joints and their contiguous co-joints.  We follow immediately with myofascial tendon and muscle spindle restoration that builds stability and strength to the injury. Skilled trainers then stabilize the injury with appropriate strapping, joint motion-specific exercises, and cryotherapy. The results are instantaneous. A simple, 3-6 minute treatment will provide a player with muscles that are quicker, faster, and stronger. Understand this, we are not talking about a small increase. 260 lb. defensive linemen improve their vertical jump from 29 inches to 34 ½ inches. 290 lb. offensive linemen with 24 reps at 225 pounds go to 33-35 reps. Wide receivers with 4.45 forty times cut them to under 4.3.

 Treatment for Sports Injury



All the joints in the body have pressure sensors. The feedback from these sensors tells the brain how strong, or weak, the joint and its muscles and ligaments are. If the feedback is painful and disoriented, the proprioceptive nervous system INHIBITS (weakens) the muscles that control that joint. Proprioceptive kinetics can re-position the major joints of the back, arms, and legs to RESTORE the muscle strength.

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